Manufacturing & Shipping Information



*Delivery Time
Please note, all orders are manufactured on-demand, one order at a time, specifically for each customer. Standard order manufacturing time is 3 business days, plus additional shipping of 2-5 business days for domestic orders. (additional 3 business days during holiday season may apply).

US - Estimated Total Delivery Time: 5 - 9 Business Days (Priority Mail Option)
Canada & Mexico - Estimated Total Delivery Time: 9 - 14 Business Day (Priority Mail Option)
International - Estimated Total Delivery Time: 14 - 21 Business Days (Priority Mail Option)

**Items Ship Separately
If you do not receive all of your items at once please don't panic, each item is manufactured at a unique location to maximize quality and shipped separately. However, in the case that you can't resist contacting us please do so by submitting a ticket here:

***Order Update
Did you make a mistake on your order? Don't worry, we'll fix it before it's shipped. Please submit a ticket here: